Neil Sheridan

Neil speaks and consults internationally for corporations, research universities, governments and associations. We look forward to discussing your booking interests with you.

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Neil creates and delivers innovation and strategic management programs for corporations, venture capital companies, universities, technology accelerators and conferences globally. Neil speaks as a keynoter, moderator or panelist.  Programs are customized based on your organization's interests and needs.  Here are some of the most popular choices that can be adapted or we can create a new program for you.

Participants learning about innovation business models.


Velocity | PRESENTTM is the first of three technology innovation programs offered by SVPI. The training and experiential learning focuses on helping evaluate the viability of new innovations, develop a business model for them and communicate effectively with investors, advisors, prospective customers, team recruits and others. It is ideal preparation for developing highly competitive teams in pitch competitions and for early investor discussions. For corporate new product development teams, it focuses on investment justification, return on investment and go-to-market details.
(Typically, 16 - 20 hours over 2 days or 2 weekends)

Velocity | PLANTM teaches teams how to create comprehensive, concise business plans suitable for providing to angel investors, lenders and competitions. Training and coaching for corporate clients utilize their templates and planning requirements.
(21 hours over 3 days or 2 weekends)

Velocity | NEGOTIATETM introduces the process of agreeing terms and conditions of investment agreements that are sized correctly to the need, achievable by the team, and fair to all parties.
(8 hours)

Velocity | VECTORSTM  Beyond the introductory series, SVPI offers the comprehensive Velocity | VECTORS commercialization curriculum. Vectors covers advanced topics such as market research, intellectual property protection, financial management, sales, human resources, regulatory compliance and other core competencies for successful technology ventures and corporate new product development teams.
(26 hours over 2 weekends, 4 days, or 8 evenings)

“Back to Basics” For private equity firms, this series offers their portfolio companies' leaders with interactive workshops on strengthening value propositions, redefining the brand, and selling strategies.
(3 one-day sessions over several months)