Neil Sheridan

Neil speaks and consults internationally for corporations, research universities, governments and associations. We look forward to discussing your booking interests with you.

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Participants Cite Immediate, Important Gains

Neil typically receives ratings of 9 or 10 from nearly all participants.


• Great workshop and networking event for anyone trying to create grow a new or existing business.
• Before this intensive training, I was an academician living in an ivory tower. After the training, I am confident that I am an entrepreneur.

• Rich content, powerfully delivered. This is an MBA-caliber course worth far more than what they ask for.

• Neil is a dynamic speaker, team leader and facilitator who delivers a program like no other to immerse you in the world of entrepreneurial startups.

• After participating in this course, I can confidently recommend Neil Sheridan as an extremely knowledgeable and effective facilitator. Apart from his vast experience, Neil effortlessly brings his open-hearted and highly accommodating personality to the table – and the benefits flow effortlessly from those experiences as a result.

• The best team program I have ever been through. The knowledge, experience and real world leaders make the experience. I will always be indebted for this training. I built a foundation and relationships that will forever change my life. Thank you.

• The program is a kickstart for any tech startup providing a vast amount of information the condensed timeframe.

• Neil will be an excellent consultant to take into presentations cover areas and address areas not in the expertise of the owner or entrepreneur.

• Excellent program for any new entrepreneur or anybody looking to improve public speaking skills in an environment that provides immediate constructive feedback.

• Great program to kickstart your journey in the entrepreneurial world. Real-world insights.

• A great way for a novice or experienced entrepreneur to focus on the basics.

• Thanks Neil for helping me build confidence as a speaker and entrepreneur!

• A wonderful person always possesses excellent attributes, attitude and skills and eventually becomes an outstanding business person that changes the world!! So do you, Neil.

• Neil did an amazing job.

• The right program to attend to launch a business idea.


 What Else Do People Say?


• Wonderful and a born presenter, teacher and coach!!

• Very accommodating coach, hospitable and imparted knowledge very well to us.

• Great communicator and knows the materials and taught it well.
• Mastery and clarity of communication is stellar.
• Created a relaxed culture throughout the meeting.

• Gave coaching to everyone.

• Audience was fully engaged.
• Very knowledgeable and well-rounded in many subject areas.

• Great experience globally.

• Exposed me to a method of thinking about business development, public speaking and problem solving that I had not experienced before – and needed.

• Greatly helped in clearing my thoughts and crystallizing my pitch.

• Liked the pace and teaching approach.

• A lot of material value.

• Great rapport with all of the attendees.

• Highly confident in both presentation and content.

• Information is easily digestible.

• Great coach and leader.
• Mixed lectures and hands-on experiences

• Invited investors

• Friendly.

• Humor.

• Well organized and paced with good time management.

• Great advice from Neil's years of experience.

• Very energetic.

• Knows what he is doing, humorous and entertaining.